April 13, 2021
T0: 2021 TBA Convention Applicants
From: Pam and Ann, Co-Chairs of 2021 Convention
  On a very sad note the TBA Board has voted to cancel this year’s convention. Your safety and good health are very important to us and we do not want to put you at any risk. While we feel certain that the majority of our members are vaccinated and would follow safety measures we deemed needed, there are still a number of risk factors over which we do not have control. To have waited longer to make our decision would risk the association a possible contract penalty and would certainly harm the preparation time and effort needed by our vendors and teachers. Bottom line, we are uncomfortable putting you in any kind of risk this year.
  If you have made a hotel reservation for the convention, please remember to cancel it. Your convention registration check has not been deposited and we will now shred all checks. On a positive note, our Board has voted to extend all 2021 dues until July 31, 2022, so that you will incur no loss and we can update you on our future plans.
  We hope that you will continue to support our basket teachers and vendors throughout this rough period of time. Please consider contacting them and placing an order this year. We listed many of their phone numbers and email addresses in the front of the 2021 convention booklet.

  Take care and stay safe. We look forward to your smiling faces next year and are sending a virtual hug to each of you.

We sincerely miss you, weaving together, and having a lot of fun.

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