​​Dear TBA Members:

I would like to offer an apology to you from the TBA Board for the errors in the convention booklet and for the delayed release of the convention information.  We are working to correct the booklet and want you to know that we are committed to regaining the trust of the teachers and our members and to ensure that this convention is the excellent event that we intended and that you expected.

You will find that the convention chair is now Fran Sorrell, and her name and contact information is available to you in the revised information that is being sent out.

Please take some time to review this corrected information. Classes that were left out of the first mailing have been added and class times and durations have changed to better reflect what the teachers intended to offer our TBA membership.  Please send your registration forms to Fran Sorrell. Even if you have already chosen your classes, please submit a new registration form. We want to make absolutely sure that we have everyone’s registration correct. If you have already mailed in your registration, you do not need to pay the registration fee again. Simply fill out a new form with your choices and mail it in to Fran.  A new registration deadline has been set as May 6, 2019, to accommodate new information coming out and to give members time to consider their class choices. May 6 is the deadline to have your registration considered “first day”.

Convention Registrar was Amy Bell.  I would like the membership to know that the initial convention mailing has Amy’s mailing address on it, and many have assumed that Amy put together the convention booklet. I would like to assure you that the booklet is not Amy’s work, and she is working closely with the teachers to make sure that all information included in this second mailing is correct.

Again, we apologize for the inconvenience the errors in the booklet may have caused the membership and for the confusion that has resulted in incorrect information being published. 


Sheri Burns,

TBA President

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